ECOTIMEPRINT ETA2 is a time attendance system that can manage employees with multiple schedules and provide calculation of working hours, overtime, short (late and early-out), etc... For employee with different shift roster, the system will able to auto detect the proximate schedule without having to set duty roster for each day. In addition, leave application and monitoring module are able to monitor the employees leave balance.

Furthermore, the door access control function available to assign different door access level for users and time zone control.

The system provides more than 20 comprehensive reports to meet your requirements.


User Friendly

- Friendly Menu

- Straight Forward & Easy To Use.

- Contact Our Technical Support via Helpdesk live chat. 


Clocking Schedule

 - Up to 500 Schedule Available for Setting.

- Users are able to define own Work Time, Rest Time, Overtime in each schedule.

- Manage employee with multi-shift Schedule.

- Able to manage employee with flexible rest time.

- Able to calculate Working Hour, Overtime, Short (Lateness/Early-out).

- Rounding Function for Overtime, Short & Workday. For example: 0-4 minutes rounded to 0 minutes, 5-9 minutes rounded to 5 minutes.


Attendance Sheet

- Color indicator for lateness and early-out, bold indicator for amended entry.

- Easy to filter attendance for specific employee, department, position & etc..

- Show details calculations such as workday, overtime, short (lateness & early out) & leave type.

- Track employee attendance logs for different terminal.

Payroll Export

Customizable data export template

 - Able to create different type of template such as Raw Data, Attendance Details & Attendance Summary.

- Export file format: Excel File, Text File, CSV File, XML File.

- Template for third party payroll system such as SQL Payoll System, Millon Payroll System & Auto Count Payroll System are available to download from cloud. 

Click here to see export template for third party payroll system
Leave Application
Leave Application & Leave Monitoring

- Apply employee leave in one screen.

- Auto generate leave function available.

- Able to monitoring employee leave balance.

System User
System User

- Create different users with different level access.

- Able to set up user specific department viewing.

Door Access Control
Door Access Control

- Configure time zone & time zone group.

- Assign different door access level for users.

Terminal Setup
Terminal Setup

- Support host/IP address connection, able to download data from multiple remote machines. 

- Support different brand device.

Online Cloud Service

access ECOTIMEPRINT ETA2 via internet


Subscribe to ECOTIMEPRINT Online Cloud Service will allow users access the system from anywhere.


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