ECO Payroll Sytem

Get the smarter tools you need, and the assistance to keep you confident. ECOTIMEPRINT PAYROLL SYSTEM keeps everything organized in one place. Sync with ECOTIMEPRINT ATTENDANCE SYSTEM to get attendance data such as work hour, overtime, short (lateness & early out) & leave deduction. With these features, it will improve your business efficiency and performance.

ECO Payroll System

User Friendly

✔ Refreshed look & easy navigations

✔ Innovation design

✔ Simple transaction flows for easy understanding

✔ Help Info on each screen

✔ Helpdesk live chat

ECO Payroll System

Payroll Transaction

✔ Handling the payroll calculation (Basic, Overtime, Allowance, Leave Pay, Adjust Pay, Bonus, Deduction & etc...)

✔ One Time payroll transaction, Pre-entry transactions before posting

✔ Payroll Batch Posting

✔ Batch Lock for Transaction Closing

ECO Payroll System

Additional Features

✔ Batch update of employee records.

✔ Comprehensive payroll report

✔ Ac Hoc report

✔ Statutory report with online txt file submission available

✔ Handling EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Baitumal Fund, Zakat, HRDF, Tax & EA Form

✔ User access level control (By Employee, Payroll Station, Department, etc)


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