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ECO CLOUD CLOCKING is an online mobile attendance clock system with GPS and QR Code clock functions. By using this system, employers will able to manage employees daily clock attendance & leave applications. For the employee, they will able to use their mobile phone to do the clocking attendance, view their attendance & apply leave.

ECO Cloud Clocking
QR Code Clocking

- Each locations are able to set up different QR Code.

ECO Cloud Clocking
GPS clocking with photo taking

- Simple punch state selection clocking with GPS location & photo taking.

ECO Cloud Clocking
Attendance Tracking

- Able to search by date, department, location & etc...

ECO Cloud Clocking
Leave Application

- Approve, reject and cancel leave requests applied by employee.

ECO Cloud Clocking
Employee Parameter

- Apply parameter for each employee such as clocking location, multi-device login.

ECO Cloud Clocking
Report export

- Attendance export in Excel, text or PDF format file

No. Particulars
1 Attendance History Tracking
2 Leave Application
- Apply Leave, Approve/Reject Leave by Management
3 ECO Clocking
- GPS Clocking
- QR Code Clocking
4 Employee Master
- Manage Employee Profile
5 Employee Parameter
- Witness clocking
- Mandatory Work Code selection
- Multiple device login
- Transfer to new device
- Mandatory Punch at registered location
- Mandatory Photo Taking after punch
- "None" status punch
6 Messages
- Send message by Payroll Station/ Department/ Employee
7 System Setup
- Company Profile
- Work Code
- System Parameter
- Department
- GPS Location
- Leave Type
- System Parameter
- User Profile
- Terminal Setup
8 Support Offline (ETA2) Attendance Software



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