A Perfect Time Attendance System to Fulfill With Different Work Time Requirements.


User Friendly

- Friendly Menu

- Straight Forward & Easy To Use.

- Contact Our Technical Support via Helpdesk live chat. 

Clocking Schedule

 - Up to 500 Schedule Available for Setting.

- Users are able to define own Work Time, Rest Time, Overtime in each schedule.

- Manage different shift employee with Multi-shift Schedule.

- Able to manage employee with flexible rest time.

- Able to calculate Overtime, Short (Early-in/Early-out).

- Rounding Function for Overtime, Short & Workday. For example: 0-4 minutes rounded to 0 minutes, 5-9 minutes rounded to 5 minutes.

Attendance Sheet

- Color indicator for late-in and early-out, bold indicator for amended entry.

- Easy to Filter and Search Attendance for Specific Employee, Department, Position & etc..

- Show Details Information such as Workday, Overtime, Short & Leave Type.

- Track Employee Attendance Logs with Different Terminal.

Customizable data export template

 - Able to create different type of template such as Raw Data, Attendance Details & Attendance Summary.

- Export file format: Excel File, Text File, CSV File, XML File.

- Template for third party payroll system such as SQL Payoll System, Millon Payroll System & Auto Count Payroll System are available to download from cloud.


Leave Monitoring

For those who want to monitor leave balance for employees.

Restday & Holiday

Configure the Holidays and Restday For Your Company.

System User

Access Level Setup that includes tasks that allow users to view basic information.

Upload & Download from Clouds

Centralize your Data in Clouds for different branch of company.

Up to 16 Types of Report


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