ECO F&B System is designed to ensure quick and easy ordering and billing.


Food Orders

- Food classified by category.

- Order Type (Dine In, Take Away).

- Ordering "Table" Transfer.

- Display order status on "Table" with different colors.

- Cancellation of order.

- Print order before invoicing.


 - Member or Non-Member Reservation.

- Capture Reservation Information.

- Reservation can be made through "Table" and Different Date and Time.

- Provides notification of different colors before Reservation starts

Inventory Management

- Inventory monitoring for stock items or non-stock items.

- Stock Purchase Records.

- Inventory Report for Stock Item Transaction.

- Purchasing Report.

Membership Control

- Capture Member Profile.
- Member Promotion Program Management

Promotion/Discount Schedule

- Promotion programs for specific food items, categories or all items
- Promotion can be assigned to members or non-members
- Promotion discounts can be by amount or percentage

Web Report

- Online Web Transaction Report.
- Multi-branch Sales Transaction Report

Flexible "Table" Control

- Ability to local "Table" position.
- The user can defind "Table" in different colors



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